Improving During The Year

blog-49006_960_720This will be my last blog post 🙁

On this last blog post I would like to review everything I did this year, the things I liked and disliked, commenting and also little things about my blog.

At first I didn’t like the idea of blogging and I told myself I was writing too much and that this was boring and I didn’t want to do commenting but then I got really into my blog. I started writing about really cool and fun things. I got comments and it made me feel special in a way because I got comments about people liking my blog and what I write about. Continue reading

When I Was Small I Would Play With…


Hello Its Claire 🙂 When I was small I would play with Barbie and  they were out in the 50s (1950). Barbie for me was dress up, making a story like improve. I would play for hours and never get tired of the story because there was always something new. But that is what they were made for right?Vintage_1950s_Bild_Lilli_2014-03-31_08-27


In the 1950s West German Tabloid (comic stip). There lived a buxom blonde character named Lili (what a nice name I love it). Lili became a small doll. She was not for kids she was made for adults. She had lost of makeup and a wardrobe. Continue reading

Success? What is that?

success-its-not-always-what-you-see-quote-1What is success? I think success is improving in something or maybe winning something or even getting better at something. I have some successful stuff that I want to tell you. I ones went on the newspaper when I won second place in soccer. I also said a speech at my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary and also at my dad’s wedding with my step mom. I  feel very successful when I get a 100% in a test or I am feel successful when I am done a presentation that I worked hard at. I am feel successful because this is my last year of elementary school and I am graduating. I am very happy that I got far in acting and also that I am now really good at the split and that made me really happy 🙂 Continue reading


1280px-Bashkir_horseThis summer I am going to do horseback riding at Amy and Clara’s barn. I am SO EXCITED!!!!!! but I am really nervous at the same time. I feel like I will get hurt or maybe its just me worrying too much. Samantha might go with me and do horseback riding with us. I think I would be doing it like  twice a  week or maybe even  every day. I Continue reading

Our Planet, Our Life

landscape-mountains-nature-clouds-largeHave you ever asked yourself what’s nature? Like really thought of it? Have you ever asked yourself why the environment is important? Or why we make house sand ruin the planet and all that kind of stuff. Well I have been working in English class and we were working on environment and it made me think about nature, houses, environment, trees, animals and a couple of other things. Continue reading